Transition from Processing to P5js


size()createCanvas()a sketch is more than the drawing canvas
frameRateframeRate()frameRate(num) sets the frame rate
preload()Typically used to preload images. E.g.
function preload()  {
img = loadImage(“assets/moonwalk.jpg”);
setup()Used to configure the application
function setup() {
createCanvas(640, 480);
mousePressedmouseIsPressed the variable is renamed
mouseX, mouseYtouchX, touchY New touch support that’s comparable to mouse support
touches[] predefined array that contains a series of objects with x and y properties corresponding to the position of each finger
pushMatrix() / popMatrix()
pushStyle() / popStyle()
 push() / pop() combined matrix and style methods
 instance modeDefault: Global namespace.  Also has instance mode.  See  instance mode example and  global vs instance mode tutorial.

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